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Blessed Sage Bundle (6 total)

Through a multi-artisan collaboration, you can now welcome a set of 9 premium organic white sage cleansing sets harvested from private land in the mountains of California, and imbued with the reiki intentions of our friend and ambassador, Abi.

To make sure that the sage is kept sustainable and to show respect to this sacred plant, only about 20% of the plant is harvested at any given time, only the mature leaves are harvested. Naturally, the top mature leaves are the best for use in these sets because the top mature leaves are already semi dry and kind of white.

Immature "baby leaves" are not harvested but rather given a chance to grow to maturity, as mother nature intended. The picked leaves are rolled by hand, sundried and bundled up with string! 

Reiki is a gift that exemplifies our experience — physical, emotional, mental, and energetic. With uninhibited Love as the guiding force behind a Reiki session or infusion, the collective consciousness is able to tune into our natural state: that of allowing Love, well-being, joy, & ease. This is one expression of why I love to practice and allow Reiki Energy to flow. @WellnesswithAbi

These sages were charged in my yoga & meditation room. A sacred space that allows for inspiration and Love to flow + express itself freely.

You will receive 6 total smudge sets, with 2 different reiki intentions. 

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