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When To Use A Singing Bowl? 7 Best Times Of Day

May 06, 2022

When To Use A Singing Bowl? 7 Best Times Of Day

When To Use A Singing Bowl? 7 Best Times You Should Try!

Ever wondered if there are auspicious times to use a singing bowl? Yes, there are!

Nature is hidden with such surprises as the sunrise, sunset, and full moon. And then, there are good times that we create with our thoughts and actions.

Good times aren’t just dependent on natural times but also on personal times. Personal, for you. 


When Should You Use Singing Bowls

Historically, singing bowls were used for meditation and prayer rituals in Buddhism. That works, because singing bowls can turn your entire focus towards the intention your're seeking to focus on. 

While sound bowls are great for setting manifestation with crystals, we learned that they’re great for meditation, yoga, and breathwork.

Our favorite use is for pure relaxation.

Sound bowls can calm down the body, mind, and soul at once!

Whether it’s grief, sadness, anger, or anxiety, singing bowls are therapeutic in modern science and new age philosophies.

Listening to singing bowls can calm down your heartbeat and tranquilize you. Bowls are great for grounding and connecting with the universal consciousness or God.

That’s why we love to have a short or a long session with the customer favorite Ancient Selfsinging bowl before and after major projects and events. They’re great for major life achievements like marriage or shifting into a new house.

Sound bowls are also great for removing negativity from places, objects, and things in your home, office, or garden. If you dig deep, you’ll find that feng shui and singing bowls have a deep connection.

The rule of thumb is to listen to your intuition to figure out the perfect time to play singing bowls. This can feel challenging, because you might be shutting down that "gut instinct" in favor of rationalization and circular thinking. 

7 Best Times To Use A Singing Bowl 

Let’s look at the auspicious times based on astrology and nature to amplify the healing vibrations of singing bowls next.


Ideally, playing the singing bowl for at least a few minutes at dawn or before sunrise is an excellent way to start your day.

Spiritually, sunrise is a sacred time in most religions. It’s naturally meditative, but it can also motivate you and help you set powerful intentions. Your body is being filled with healing, infared sunshine rays that are only present at this time of day. 

Simply chanting OMis also an excellent way to energize your spiritual vibrations. Many mystics say sunrise is cleansing and charging.

After Sunset

While sunset isn’t as spiritually powerful as a rising sun, it has its perks too. 

Astrologically, watching the sunset is a great way to wind down or relax in peace at the end of the day. That’s why sunset isn’t any less meditative than sunrise.

Play your singing bowl at this time, to meditate on the things that happened throughout the day and set my goals for the next day. 

If you’re planning to play Tibetan bowls at dusk, chant the Tibetan warrior syllables.

Full Moon

The full moon is one of the most essential moon phases in spirituality. While the Japanese think of it as the epitome of positivity, other cultures believe it’s a time of good luck.

Unlike sunrise, the full moon happens once a month.

Psychics say it’s a time when the tides rise, on earth and in the heart. Emotions can even get amplified at this time to make you agitated or hot-tempered.

Actually, full moon energies are intense three days before and after the full moon. So, using singing bowls at this time can calm you down.

It can even amplify the power of your manifestations with sound vibrations.

Experiment with chanting Om Mane Padme Humduring full moon days when playing your bowl. 

New Moon

Another important lunar event, the new moon, isn’t a time of amplified energies like a full moon. Instead, the new moon signifies the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

During the new moon,  set new goals and intentions. It’s a quiet time, often suitable for introspectionand finding more about your spiritual purposes.

Reiki practitioners and psychics use the new moon’s energy to cleanse auras and chakras. You can chant seed syllables of the seven primary chakras to clear the negativity yourself.


The phenomenon of the Supermoon occurs two times every year. It’s often believed to encompass the same healing vibrations of the full moon energy.

Astrology says you’ll feel excited or short-tempered. That’s why playing singing bowls three days before and after a supermoon can keep you grounded in reality.

Eclipse: Solar and Lunar

The solar eclipse is an energetic time, while the lunar eclipse is a relaxing time. Like the new moon and full moon, you can use these astrological events to meditate and set your manifestations or reach into your inner voice.

Bible says it signifies “future or otherwise distant events” (Luke 21:25).

Qu’ran says it’s the best time to pray. From Volume 2, Book 18, Number 165- “The Sun and the Moon are two signs from Allah, and they do not become eclipsed for the death or the birth of anyone. If you see that, hasten to remember Allah and pray.”

Psychics say doing energy rituals like playing a singing bowl during eclipse is perfect for spiritual awakening.

New Year

Lastly, start using a singing bowl to begin the new year whether you follow the Gregorian or Hindu calendar. It’s another perfect time to soak into the healing vibrations. No matter when the new year is, starting it with sounds that can calm you physically, mentally, and spiritually is a good thing.

It’s great to write down affirmations and new year’s resolutions while playing the bowl to start the new season positively.

Try it this year-end!

Start Using The Singing Bowl At All The RIGHT Times!

Singing bowls can of course be used any time. Many peope use them throughout the day. What we've shared, are opportunties to use them as special, signifying events that mark milestones in your day, year and life. 

According to science and metaphysics, they can calm you, whether you’re in pain, anger, sorrow, or agitation. You already know about the therapeutic uses of singing bowls by now.

But, important astrological events like the dawn, dusk, eclipse, and moon phases can also amplify the healing vibrations of a singing bowl.

Why not use them tomorrow at sunrise or sunset and see what they can do for you.

Don’t forget to tell us all about your experience after!

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